Successful Organisations understand the importance of having a strong Budgeting and Forecasting (B&F) software solution, that goes beyond error prone and laboriously manual spreadsheets.

As most planning solutions are non-transactional, period-end based systems that need to deliver results during very short time frames, with the ability to flex assumptions and input variables so as to perform Scenario Planning and Sensitivity analysis, spreadsheets simply present too much risk and require too much effort to generate reliable planning results.

Bold Shore has a history of delivering custom planning solutions to meet the Financial Performance Management needs of today’s organisations.  Built to meet your specific requirements, our solutions will add strategic value to your organisation.

Planning Models

Our Planning Solutions are capable of modelling every part of your business, including:

  • Centralised Assumptions and Protocols integration (commodity prices, CPI, FX rates)

  • CAPEX Fixed and Intangible Assets Planning

  • Human Resources Planning

  • Fixed Overhead Cost, Energy and Maintenance Planning

  • Volume based Variable Costing

  • Cost Allocations and Settlements based on statistical key figures (drivers)

  • Product Costing for major stocking points

  • Sales and Royalties

  • Tax

Accounting Functionality

All planning solutions will cater for your specific accounting policies such as:

  • Double entry system with Journal entry numbers

  • Transactional currency input with automated translations to Company and Group currencies

  • Cost Escalations (inflation) per currency type

  • Foreign exchange Profit and Loss calculations

  • Working Capital Sweeps

  • Balance sheet account Reclassification

  • JV Cut-backs and Proportionate Consolidation

  • Equity Accounting entries

Planning Results

A comprehensive set of results to your specific requirements will be generated by the Planning Solution, and can be reported on or interfaced to your ERP or BI solution:

  • Validation rules to ensure accuracy and completeness of planning results

  • Full Trial Balance in Company and Group Currency

  • Full Cash Flow Forecast in Company and Group Currency

  • View escalated or unescalated results for all currency types

  • Aggregation and Consolidation of different company codes

  • Variance analysis between plan versions and actuals



Reduced reliance on spreadsheets for planning purposes, which have no central version control and limited audit trail

Are generally unsupported and hence prone error, and have inefficient integration between model


Being non-transactional, period-end based systems, a decent solution will deliver results during very short time frames

Ability to make changes to planning modules at short notice so as to prevent users from reverting back to spreadsheets


Full integration with ERP systems

Complete set of master data to plan on (COA, Org structure)

Bridge the gap between Operational Planning systems and Financial Planning systems in order to ‘cash-up’ the business