Once your system is implemented it will need to be maintained and supported if you are to get the best possible return from your investment.  To this end we offer a service to train your internal resources to perform the required tasks, or Bold Shore can provide this as an outsourced service to your business.

Our outsourced services typically consist of two components:

  • Maintenance - routine system administration activities and services including but not limited to:

    • Daily, monthly and annual system housekeeping and hardware utilisation checks

    • Plan version maintenance

    • User management and security

    • Software updates and patches

    • Interface management including routine checks and incident management with 3rd party vendors

    • Backups and disaster recovery tasks

    • Development and testing environment maintenance

  • Support - specific system support, mainly around the different financial models and technical accounting functionality, fulfilled by chartered accountants and technical experts in our business.  Support is provided around your planning timetable and may include 24/7 support over critical planning periods and to accommodate operations in different time zones.

Maintenance & Support Services

  • Training of internal resources

  • 24/7 support over critical planning periods

  • Routine system administration tasks

  • Backup and disaster recovery tasks

  • Chartered Accountants for technical accounting support

  • Technical resources for hardware and operating system support


Stress free

Outsourcing your maintenance and support is stress free and allows your resources to focus on the planning process without worrying about technical issues


Bold Shore's track record of maintaining and supporting planning systems shows that we can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality service


Our range of skills allows us to offer a comprehensive service that covers technical aspects all the way to complex accounting functionality such as group consolidations and accounting for JV's and equity shareholdings